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Fulfilled lifeIn Oliver Burkeman’s last column in the Guardian paper, he decided that there were some great secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life he could share: According to Burkeman after more than a decade of writing life-changing advice, I know when to move on. But here’s what else he learned…

1) There will always be too much to do – and this realization is liberating.
2) When stumped by a life choice, choose “enlargement” over happiness.
3) The capacity to tolerate minor discomfort is a superpower.
4) The advice you don’t want to hear is usually the advice you need.
5) The future will never provide the reassurance you seek from it.
6) The solution to imposter syndrome is to see that you are one.
7) Selflessness is overrated.
8) Know when to move on.


There are some terrific tips in these quotes or headlines, to learn more and understand Burkeman’s learning I share this article with you. It is a good one to take some time to read.

Oliver Burkeman’s Eight Secrets to a (Fairly) Fulfilled Life 


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