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Why and How to Plan Your Own Green Funeral?

A Green Funeral starts with the premise that if we are told your death could protect the earth and foster new life, would you believe it?
The Natural Burial Association’s research suggests that there are a number of reasons why people find natural burial appealing.

Some of these include:

  • Your final act is giving back to the earth. The nutrients from your body enrich the soil, providing new life. We bear witness to the cycle of life.
  • A natural burial does not pollute. Many people are surprised to learn that cremation harms the environment. Using fossil fuel, the body is incinerated at about 800 degrees Celsius for two hours, emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • For some, a natural approach is a traditional approach to burial. Before funerals became commercialized, natural burial was the way many of our ancestors cared for their dead, and to this day, several faiths uphold this tradition.
  • Your final resting place is in nature. Imagine a beautiful Ontario Forest or a meadow. In the summer butterflies and bees fly among the wildflowers. In the winter, snow brings calm. It may be a cemetery, but it’s full of life. Natural burial grounds are a sanctuary for both the living and the dead.
  • It’s simpler and natural. You’ve heard people say” just throw me in a burlap bag”. Natural burial is gentler, but it does do away with the bells and whistles.
  • Your presence in the ground protects the land forever. Once buried, your presence ensures that nature is restored and protected. You are leaving future generations a legacy of nature.


To learn more about a green funeral visit the website www.naturalburialassociation.ca. The Association is a volunteer, non-profit organization, independent of the funeral industry. They are motivated to take care of the planet and have an option at death that aligns with their values.
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