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How Often Do You Forget A Password?


The SmartAccess Kit - a centralized place for accessing all your documents

SmartAccess Kit

SmartAccess Kit

From SmartWills.ca

A centralized offline place for all of your documents – Thank goodness for password apps. However, if you are in a challenging situation or even the loss of your computer/Smartphone or a hacker ties up your computer with malware, we have a mess of information that needs to be organized so you or a family member can make sure your bills are paid and accounts can be accessed. The result after a year of SMART Planning is the SMARTACCESS KIT.

SmartAccess Contents
Comprehensive 100 Plus Page Guide

SmartWills - SmartAccess Planning Kit

New at SmartWills.ca we have created the SMARTACCESS KIT. It is a comprehensive guide (100 pages plus) of all the key information you will need to help you, and your family or Attorney/Executor manage your online and offline life.

“It’s amazing. We all know what happens if we run a red light…but few of us know the rules that manage our life as we age and need help managing our affairs…or when we die.”

The SMARTACCESS KIT can save you money, save you time, give you a sense of relief and help you stay organized!


Here is what others are now saying about the SMARTACCESS KIT:


I thought my Password App on my computer is all I needed, but when I had my computer crash I realized how much information I now store on my computer and Smartphone.  Thank goodness I keep an off-line version of this key information all in a centralized place.”

— Julien Kovach


 “With Covid, I have found I have more and more accounts that I manage online.  A Password App is very helpful, but I found I often have access denied on accounts that I don’t use very often, and I cannot remember the password.  It is great to have a backup for the backup!”

— Mary Lee


“I was recently hospitalized in the US and had to have my daughter take over managing my bills and credit card payments at home. I was glad to have a centralized place of access to help out in the short term until I could return home.”

— Rinku Oberoi


If you want to learn more, please reach out   Contact Peter