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Pre-Arranged Funeral Service

I recently worked with an Estate that involved a Pre-Arranged Funeral Service.  Having been somewhat skeptical, I was genuinely amazed at how well this service offering was executed and how payments were processed for my clients.

So, today I can confidently suggest a Pre-arranged Funeral Service.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t fully credit Kat Downey at Legacymatters.ca for taking the time to fill me in on some of the incredible benefits of a Pre-arranged Funeral.

First, the Testator gets to decide what he/she might wish.  His/her own thoughts on the funeral process and program.  Secondly, any money paid in advance is protected against both the Funeral Home not being in business at the date of death, but also the inflationary costs of a funeral. In fact, the funds are invested, and, as a beneficiary of the Estate, you might receive funds back.

And thirdly, as we know, when death occurs, decisions are required in a brief time of extreme stress and all too often without the usual time for consideration. A self-developed, Pre-arranged Funeral can alleviate all these issues.

For Travellers or Snowbirds, getting caught in a foreign jurisdiction with a family member’s death is in itself a terrible burden. As a bonus, to address this, add on a Safe Return Assistance Program to your policy, using a single one-time payment and you can avoid this trauma if you or a family member happen to be in a foreign jurisdiction on death.

Prepayment deposits are also protected from both creditors, as well as in the event the funeral home should change its existence; you will always have price and deposit protection.

Indeed, a program worth exploring. For more information reach out to KatDowney@legacymatters.ca   www.legacymatters.ca


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