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Mortgage Insurance – If your bank offers this product, the answer should be a hard no.


Rob Carrick says you should buy mortgage insurance from an insurance company, not your bank! I took a deeper dive into this question, and I fully support Rob’s point of view, but thought I would add a bit more content to his editorial. Whether it’s better to buy mortgage insurance from a bank or an insurance company in Ontario depends on various factors, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision:

Coverage Options:

Banks: Banks often partner with insurance companies to offer coverage. The options may be limited, and customization might be less flexible.

Insurance Companies: Standalone insurance companies may offer a wider range of coverage options, allowing you to tailor your policy to better suit your needs.


Banks: While banks may offer competitive rates, it’s essential to compare them with quotes from independent insurance providers.

Insurance Companies: Shopping around and obtaining quotes from various insurance companies can help you find the best rates.

Customer Service:

Banks: Some people prefer the convenience of bundling financial products with a single institution. However, customer service can vary.

Insurance Companies: Dedicated insurance companies may offer specialized customer service and claims support.

Policy Flexibility:

Banks: Policies from banks might be less flexible in terms of coverage and customization.

Insurance Companies: Independent insurance providers often offer more flexibility in tailoring policies to your specific needs.

Reviews and Reputation:

Banks: Check customer reviews and the reputation of the insurance products offered by the bank.

Insurance Companies: Research reviews and ratings for various insurance companies to gauge customer satisfaction.

Claims Process:

Banks: Understand the claims process offered by the bank and whether it meets your expectations.

Insurance Companies: Check the reputation of insurance companies in terms of how smoothly they handle claims.

Discounts and Bundling:

Banks: Consider any discounts or benefits offered when bundling mortgage insurance with other banking products.

Insurance Companies: Independent insurers may also offer discounts for bundling home and auto insurance or other policies.

Policy Exclusions and Inclusions:

Banks: Carefully review the policy to understand any exclusions or limitations.

Insurance Companies: Similarly, review policies from insurance companies for coverage details.

It’s advisable to shop around, obtain quotes from different sources, and carefully compare the coverage, terms, and costs before making a decision. Additionally, consider seeking advice from an insurance broker who can help you navigate the options available in the market.


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